Plastic Packaging Industry America Region Outlook 2022

Date :- November-2018 | Region :- Americas

$ 3,000

The packaging industry is bifurcated on the basis of primary material types which are paper, plastic (rigid and flexible), metal and glass packaging. Plastic packaging plays a key role in ensuring consumer products cost effectively transition through the value chain towards the end consumers with an enhanced product safety and appeal. We foresee strong drivers that are realigning the packaging industry demand towards plastic packaging solutions which revolve around the light weighting of products, cost efficiency, product safety and usage convenience. The two American continents (Americas) are expected to witness a sustainable growth in consumption demand due to two contrasting trends in the region. Packaging demand in North America is expected to be stable and the realignment towards plastic packaging is expected to be strong in the region. On the other hand, we expect the rebound in commodity prices globally to lead a recovery in the growth rates in South American economies, that is expected to translate into rising consumer demand in the region. On the back of these drivers, demand for plastic packaging solutions is expected to register a CAGR of XX% till 2022 which should drive the plastic packaging industry size in the American region towards a level of $XXXX Billion.

  1. Packaging Industry
    • Overview
    • History
    • Industry Size & Trends
    • Types of Packaging by Material
    • Market share of Packaging Materials
    • Growth of Packaging by Material
    • Current Trends by Packaging Material
  2. Plastic Packaging Industry
    • Overview
    • Plastic Packaging Segments
      • Flexible
      • Rigid
    • Plastic Packaging Types
      • LDPE
      • HDPE
      • PP
      • PET
      • PVC
      • PS
      • Bioplastics
    • Product Types
      • Film
      • Blow Molding
      • Injection Molding
      • Extrusion Coating
  3. End User Industry
    • Food
    • Beverages
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Care
    • Other Consumer
    • Industrial Packaging
  4. Industry Structure
    • Global Capacity
    • Region wise Production and Consumption
    • Industry Value Chain
    • Raw Material Trade Flows
    • Finished Product Trade Flows
    • Cost Structure
    • Capital Requirement
    • PESTEL Analysis
  5. Changing Industry Dynamics
    • Industry Cycle
    • Chinese ban on waste plastic imports
    • Global curbs on single use plastic
    • Strong Thrust to Recycling
    • Emergence of Bioplastics
  6. Industry Threats
    • Plastic Pollution
    • Public Perception
    • Government Curbs on Plastic Use
  7. Life Cycle Analysis of Plastic vs Alternative Packaging
    • Benefits of Plastic Packaging
    • Downside of Plastic Packaging
  8. Plastic Packaging Demand Outlook
    • Plastic Packaging Demand by Segment
      • Flexible
      • Rigid
    • Plastic Packaging Demand by Type
      • LDPE
      • HDPE
      • PP
      • PET
      • PVC
      • PS
      • Bioplastics
  9. Companies Profile
  10. Annexures

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