Paper and Paperboard Packaging Industry Asia Pacific Outlook 2022

Date :- November-2018 | Region :- APAC

$ 3,000

Paper and paperboard packaging is defined as the wrapping and containment of goods & products for protection, distribution, storage and sale using paper as primary material. The Asia Pacific paper and paperboard packaging industry, valued at XX $Billion, holds the largest share i.e. XX% of the total Asia Pacific packaging industry, which is composed of several materials such as plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, paper & paperboard packaging and others. From a basic usage as a product ‘safeguard’ or a ‘container’, packaging today has become an indispensable marketing tool and an integral part of a product’s lifecycle. The demand for packaging in Asia Pacific has been continuously increasing on account of rising disposable income, burgeoning middle class, on the go lifestyle and convenient packaging. Moreover, the explosive growth in ecommerce over the past few years, mainly due to faster delivery, free shipping and increasing internet penetration, is the major factor fueling the overall growth of the paper & paperboard packaging market. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing economic region covering China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand etc. Of those, India and China with their large base of middle income population with growing aspirations have marked the shift towards organized retail revolution and increasing per capita packaging consumption. Based on the above factors, the paper and paperboard packaging market in Asia Pacific is growing at a fast pace and will continue to grow at a CAGR of XX% over the forecast period from 2018-22. This report covers exhaustive analysis on industry dynamics, market size, supply and demand, current trends/issues & challenges and end user industry.

  1. Packaging Industry
    • Overview
    • History
    • Market Structure - Industry Size and Trends
    • Packaging by Material Types
    • Market Share of Packaging Materials
    • Current Trends by Packaging Material
  2. Paper Packaging Industry
    • Overview
    • Paper Packaging Segments
      • Rigid
      • Flexible
    • Paper Packaging by Types
      • Kraft Paper
      • Containerboard
      • Paperboard
      • Liquid Carton
    • Manufacturing Process of Paper
  3. End User Industry
    • Food
    • Beverages
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Care
    • Other Consumer Products
    • Industrial/Bulk Packaging
  4. Industry Structure
    • Global Capacity of Pulp and Paper
    • Region wise Production and Consumption
    • Industry Value Chain
    • Raw Material Trade Flows
    • Finished Product Trade Flows
    • Cost Structure
    • Capital Intensity
    • PESTEL Analysis
  5. Changing Industry Dynamics
    • Industry Cycle
    • Growing Consumer Awareness on Paper Packaging
    • Regulation to move towards Eco-friendlier products
    • Global curbs on single use plastic leading to improved outlook for paper
    • Strong Thrust to Recycling
    • Beverages
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Care
    • Other Consumer Products
    • Industrial/Bulk Packaging
  6. Companies Profile
  7. Annexures

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