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CEO needs to guide the team to the roadmap ahead, think of risks that can impact the organization and ensure those risks are measured and mitigates in place

A CEO makes sure all departments move in synergy towards the organizational goals. Be it a strategic business acquisition or that new emerging player in the market. Televisory covers for all operational and financial decisions.

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As a CFO, you regulate, supervise and implement the key financial decisions. Managing the company's financial risk or drive those revenue numbers up, a CFO must manage it all.

A CFO is not only responsible for the current financial picture , but is expected to manage risks for business. Televisory provide CFOs with the relevant data for all investment, strategy or planning-related decisions.

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Very often investors come across opportunities that define their success.As an investor one should be equipped enough to analyse varied investment opportunities and avenues to maximize the returns.

For this, an investor needs focused coverage and precise analysis of the industry in hand. Televisory offer all the help an investor needs by providing business insights both on the global and the regional perspective.

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Diverse clients mean diverse portfolios. As an advisor one puts on a multi-tasking hat and manages each client efficiently.

Be it assessing, auditing or valuations, an advisor does it all. With Televisory's key operational insights advisors get efficient and bankable results for several hundred industries which will provide the required details in a matter of minutes and save enormous time.

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The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur converts opportunities into possibilities. Identifying a new business or expanding business operations to new territories, each needs its own share of in-depth analysis.

With Televisory's solutions, entrepreneurs get access to structured analysis while assigning weightage to key operational and industry indicators.

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The Lender

A lender provides the essential financial impetus for a company's growth. There are increasing uncertainties across the globe and heightened credit risks.

A lender should analyse the impact of external factors on a company's operating and financial performance. Assessing existing borrowers and potential new borrower's ability to perform operationally better than the average will enhance the credit appetite.

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This tool is for every business operator in any industry in the world. Compare business performance with industry leaders and peers across the globe. Gain insight on operational and financial differentiators. Televisory's unrivalled industry intelligence enables to identify areas of improvement, design effective business strategies and help stay ahead of the competition - 'Compare to Compete'.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

This tool is for Entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and others who need to compare an opportunity to invest or lend or analyse with something similar or benchmark a company. Televisory's platform allows relevant operational and financial data and carries out several analyses of this data like 'what-if analysis' (impact of changes in key assumptions), covenant sensitivity and more. Our Console lets one store all of investee companies/borrowers in a single place and carry out the analysis almost on a daily basis. Televisory lets you make informed investment and lending decisions based on current, updated real-time data.


Our Anonymity Promise

We understand your need for confidentiality and hence our system has been carefully designed to keep your identity anonymous and secure your data


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