Televisory aims to provide unparalleled industry intelligence, with a sharp focus on operational aspects of company analysis, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of a company's performance holistically, beyond just financial analysis. Our database caters to companies evaluating themselves, investors analysing performance of their investee companies, lenders keeping tabs on risk matrices of their borrowers. Thus helping them all make comprehensive decisions. With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, led by its founder Mr. Shiv Dave, the company has set out to become the leading provider of Benchmarking and Data Analytics Services.

For each company in our database, we store operational and financial data of over 12 financial periods (and growing), comprising of five annual and seven quarterly periods. For each period, we have on average 200 unique data related to a company. Within a short span of time, Televisory has built a database covering 21 Sectors, 650+ DITs and 8000+ GBCs/RBCs. (DITs and GBCs/RBCs growing on daily basis). With Televisory, you can now focus on reviewing data from various angles, (with your export competitors, or those competing with you in your domestic markets, or help you decide your new investment in a new industry or new geography) rather than spending an enormous amount of time on gathering this information yourselves. Televisory provides the most updated and unedited (factual, unbiased) information.

Real time
data analytics

Operational and financial data, which is updated every quarter, helps us to provide you with the latest insights whenever you need it. This gives you the best understanding of the industry with detailed analysis relevant to your requirement.

Services Offered

At Televisory, we make it a point to ensure no stones are left unturned. We offer both - the benchmarking platform that determines business analytics services and the data analytics platform for seamless business decisions.


Services Platform

Televisory is a unique online platform that let's you compare operational and financial aspects of your company's business performance with global and regional peers. Televisory enables you to gain access to competitive intelligence specific to your industry. It helps you design effective competitive strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Data Analytics

Whether you are a financier seeking profitable investment opportunities; an entrepreneur eyeing to gain competitive advantage and diversify operations; a consultant designing the most profitable strategy for your customer or a researcher struggling with industry specific operational data unavailability; Televisory's real time operational and financial database offers solutions for all your data and analytics requirements. With our Data Analytics Platform, make more informed decisions as you spend less time collecting and more in analyzing data.


Televisory is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, speaking for its security,
transparency, authenticity and performance.


  • Shiv Dave


    With over 32 years of finance industry experience, Shiv Dave is the founder of Televisory. He also spearheads Emindobiz Advisory Pvt. Ltd., a boutique financial advisory firm located in Singapore and Jakarta. Shiv is a finance professional; with impeccable industry expertise and having carried out transactions in over 20 countries globally.

    Prior to setting up Emindobiz, Mr. Shiv Kumar Dave was a Partner (Head transaction Services, Indonesia) with KPMG Indonesia. During his 5 years with KPMG Indonesia, he was involved in several land mark transactions that included several large restructurings in the region, and acquisition advisory on some large benchmark transactions.

  • Jaiprakash Dave

    Jaiprakash Dave

    With 24 years of experience Mr. Jaiprakash Dave has been involved in assignments across industries, including Telecommunication, Coal mining, Steel, Real estate and Plantation. Worked in the past as Chief Financial Officer of a large Textile and garment company.

    Mr. Jaiprakash Dave (Founding Director) is a Chartered Accountant from India and has lived in Indonesia for over 16 years.

  • Jessica Yeo

    Jessica Yeo

    Ms. Jessica Yeo has more than 16 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Televisory, Ms. Yeo was with Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation for 6 years covering mezzanine financing and private equity investment.

    Ms. Jessica Yeo (Founding Director) is a Chartered Financial Analyst since 2006 and holds a Master in Applied Finance from University of Adelaide.