Televisory FAQ's



Televisory offers a dynamic, robust web based responsive platform for in depth analysis of private and public players across globe. It is a unique platform that offers financial as well as operational benchmarking of public entities. All the data is procured through publicly available documents and reputed data vendors.


What services do we offer?

Since we are a growing organisation, we keep on adding user specific useful and productive analytical products and currently we offer services like EQUiBase, Real Time Data Analysis (RTDA), Credit Workflow Manager (CWM), Benchmarking and Customised Reports.


How are we different from other analytics platform?

The following points make us different from others:
1.Operational benchmarking of public entities
2. On the go access of all our analytical tools without any hassle of installation of additional software or purchase of hardware (terminal)
3. Cost effective with respect to various analytical platforms


What is the subscription cost of the offered services?

The subscription cost of various services offered is provided in the hyper link below.
EQUiBase and RTDA, CWM, Benchmarking and Customised Report.

Real Time Data Analysis


What does GBC, RBC and DIT mean?

The full form of the all the following is given below:
GBC: Global Benchmark Company
RBC: Regional Benchmark Company
DIT: Distinct Industry Type


How many comparable can the user compare simultaneously in RTDA module

A user can compare a maximum of 5 comparable on screen and for more than 5 comparable, download appendix option can be used.


What is the frequency of updating the data?

Data is updated on a real time basis.


Are there any restrictions for adding an entity to Televisory database?

Few Key Operational Data must be available in public documents for an entity.


How can a user request for addition of a specific GBC / RBC to Televisory database?

Kindly use the Tele Support option in the left menu.

Credit Workflow Manager


How can data be added to my corporate portfolio?

There are two ways of adding the data either by uploading the data (Portfolio Console > Add/Update Borrower Data) or by generating data share code by Televisory benchmarking user.


Can a user customise the corporate portfolio section?

Kindly use the Tele Support option in the left menu.


What assumptions were used for calculating various financial analysis on Company Profile page?

The selected company’s historical fundamental data variations were used to obtain various financial analysis.


What services are included under CWM subscription

RTDA and EQUiBase are included under CWM subscription


Where can I download “Corporate Comprehensive Analysis for Lending & Investment Decisions” for companies in Portfolio Console?

Portfolio Console > choose any company > select period > click on pdf icon.


Can the “Corporate Comprehensive Analysis for Lending & Investment Decisions” report be customised.

Kindly use the Tele Support option in the left menu.

Financial Market Data


What is company profile?

A snapshot of selected equity performance with respect to its closest peers based on geography and revenue.


What is Industry Monitor?

User can get instant quarterly and annually insights on 124 industries operating in 20 Sectors in more than 150 countries within a few clicks.


Why the need of Data Download section when fundamental financial, economy, commodity and industrial data can be downloaded in different modules?

For downloading data of multiple equities, economies, commodities and industries in one go.



What is a Tele code?

A unique alphanumeric code chosen by benchmarking user to maintain their anonymity.


What if the benchmarking user forgets the password?

Kindly use the Tele Support option in the left menu or drop a mail at


What is Tele Inbox?

Tele Inbox contains information regarding uploaded data, benchmarking request history share benchmarking report and share new data module.


What is data sharing code?

A unique code generated by benchmarking user to share its data with Televisory empanelled banks or portfolio manager


How to generate a data sharing code?

Data share code can be generated from Tele Inbox > Share New Data


Can uploaded data on Televisory benchmarking platform be shared with non-empanelled banks or portfolio manager?

Yes, the benchmarking report and charts can be shared via share benchmarking report under Tele Inbox.