Anonymisation and Data Protection Policy

Televisory Global Pte. Ltd. ("Televisory") respects your privacy.Televisory is committed to protecting the anonymity of users of the website available at ("Website"), and the confidentiality of information provided by such users to Televisory, as described in this Anonymisation and Data Protection Policy ("Privacy Policy").


Promise of anonymity

Where a user of the Website ("User") elects to provide operational or financial information ("Submitted Data") of a company or other legal entity ("Organisation"), Televisory takes measures to ensure that the identity of such a User is not known to Televisory. In particular:

  1. While Televisory requires an account to be created prior to upload of Submitted Data, Televisory recommends that Users maintain anonymity by not providing their name or company's name as their account name ("Telecode").
  2. Televisory will never request that a User provide the name of any Organisation.
  3. Televisory will never seek to associate Submitted Data with any Organisation.
  4. Televisory will never request to be provided with the real name of a User, even when Televisory accepts payment (and processes name, credit card number, address or other payment details for such purpose), Televisory has designed its systems such that all payment details are never associated with a Telecode and only the fact of payment having been made is recorded in association with a Telecode.
  5. While Televisory keeps records of the Telecode associated with a specific set of Submitted Data, Televisory has designed its systems such that records of IP addresses or other identifying information in association with any Telecode are destroyed as soon as these details are no longer required to allow access to the Website by the User.
  6. Even when Televisory provides any type of digitization service, Televisory has designed its systems and procedures such that Submitted Data is never associated with a Telecode by Televisory. Instead, the digitized data must be uploaded as if the digitization service was not provided by Televisory, and Televisory destroys all copies of materials associated with completed digitization services one week after delivery of the digitized materials.
  7. Televisory does not maintain records associating Telecodes with IP addresses, payment details or other identifying information, except to prevent serial abuse of the Website as further described in the next section of this Policy.
  8. The Website does not block or degrade the experience of Users who access the Website through the use of software for enabling anonymous communication (e.g. Tor - The Onion Router, I2P and Freenet) ("Anonymising Software"); and Televisory seeks to avoid using content delivery services which block or degrade user experience where use of Anonymising Software is detected.

Promise of confidentiality in respect of Submitted Data

Televisory strives to ensure the confidentiality, security, integrity and accuracy of all Submitted Data.

The Website is designed such that Submitted Data will only be disclosed in aggregate, and procedures are in place to ensure that no User will be able to extract Submitted Data associated with a single Telecode, or a single Organisation. If there is insufficient Submitted Data such that a search query on the Website would return only the Submitted Data associated with a single Telecode or single Organisation, the search query will instead return zero (0) results. Televisory has in place reasonable security arrangements to protect Submitted Data from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks, including by reviewing and updating its security measures in view of technological changes from time to time. Televisory has obtained independent third party confirmation that the relevant systems are certified according to ISO 27001


Other Terms

Televisory has the right to revise this Policy at any time, and all users of this Website are deemed to be aware of and bound by any changes to this Policy upon publication on the Website. This Policy should be read subject to the provisions of the Terms of Access. Televisory makes no representations regarding third party web sites, even those linked to from the Website.