Benchmark yourself to the best in industry or with those you compete with. Benchmark your operational and financial performance and understand better what succeeds in the competing world. Televisory's benchmarking platform, takes you beyond just the financial numbers. Gain industry insight round the clock, across the globe and take more informed decisions with Televisory's unmatched operational and financial benchmarking platform covering 21 sectors, 250+ Distinct Industry Type.

Data Analytics Modules

Real Time Data Analytics

Real Time Data Analytics allows a user to compare companies within an industry across geographies on various parameters over multiple periods. This platform gives user the flexibility to download data of several companies or an entire peer group. Broadly data on two business segments can be found namely Operational Metrics & Financial Metrics.

What-If Scenario

What-If Scenario helps analyze the impact on important financial metrics and Leverage Ratios by applying sensitivity related to respective industry. It helps in finding effects of operational data on Revenue & EBITDA under different circumstances set by the user.

Debt Sizing

Debt Sizing helps in finding the sustainable debt for a company given the attributes of its debt. Debt Tenor ranging from 1 to 10 years can be selected.

Covenant Sensitivity

Covenant Sensitivity helps in finding the required changes in important operational metrics by choosing desired level of DSCR and Gross Debt/EBITDA. A user may set any desired level of DSCR and Debt/EBITDA depending upon his/her preference and generate expected result.

Portfolio console

Portfolio console helps lenders/investors to keep a track of all their borrowers/investees that have utilised Televisory benchmarking services all online without a need of a separate terminal. This platform helps in keeping track of sensitivity tests, debt sizing, projection, obligor grading and early warning signs on the financier's dashboard for their borrowers/investees.

Early Warning Signs

Early Warning Signs brings foresight to recognize deteriorating characteristics in a company. Pre-select key operational & financial parameters and assign relevant trigger threshold. Triggers may include declining sales, reducing operating cashflow, mounting debts etc.

Subscription Plans

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