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GLOBAL GRAPHITE ELECTRODE INDUSTRY Structural Changes Driving Growth till 2020

Date :- August-2018 | No. of pages :- 82 | Region :- Global

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Graphite electrodes are consumables in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) process of steel production. The Graphite Electrode industry went through a strong turnaround in 2017 due to a change in the demand supply dynamics of the industry. The industry was experiencing a down cycle over the past 5 years due to a situation of excess capacity and weak demand strength. Our analysis indicates that the current trends in the steel industry in China is the largest factor that set off this transition in the industry. Our report showcases a detailed demand supply analysis of the major drivers that have changed the graphite electrode industry outlook, which primarily include the decline in steel exports from China, consolidation in graphite electrode capacities globally and growing EAF steel production in China. On the back of these drivers, the global graphite electrode demand is expected to register a CAGR of XX% till 2020. The market for graphite electrodes is set to see rapid expansion with the foreseeable boost in EAF steel production globally. Graphite electrode prices are expected to grow by XX% between 2018 and 2020 on the back of growing demand and constrained supply conditions.

1. Graphite Electrode Industry                            
     •Graphite Electrode Manufacturing Process                 
     •Key Inputs                                 
     •Key Raw Material: Needle Coke                     
     •Major Raw Material Suppliers                      
2. End User Industry     (EAF Steel Manufacturing) Overview                
     •EAF Steel Production Process                     
     •EAF Steel Production Cost Structure                      
     •BOF vs EAF Steel Manufacturing                      
     •BOF Steel Production Cost Structure                      
     •Steel Scrap                                  
3. Graphite Electrode Industry Structure                        
     •Global Capacity                              
     •Player’s Competitive Advantage                      
     •Business Dynamics                              
     •Industry Cost Structure                          
     •Capital Requirement and Intensity                      
     •Porter’s Five Forces Analysis                          
     •Key Success Drivers                              
4. Changing Industry Dynamics                            
     •Industry Cycle                              
     •Chinese Crack Down on Polluting Industries                  
     •China’s Graphite Electrode and EAF Dynamics              
     •Graphite Electrode Demand Sustainability                  
5. Key Industry Constraints and Potential Threats                        
     •Industry Constraints                              
     •Impact of Lithium Ion Battery Demand Graphite Anodes          
     •Impact of Chemical Energy on Electrode Consumption          
6. Graphite Electrode Demand and Price Outlook                        
     •China EAF Steel Production Outlook                      
     •China Graphite Electrode Production Outlook              
     •World excluding China EAF Steel Production Outlook          
     •World excluding China Graphite Electrode Production Outlook      
     •Price Outlook                                  
7. Electrode Manufacturer Company Profile                   
8. Annexures                                       

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