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Date :- August-2018 | No. of pages :- 43 | Region :- Global

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The report provides a deep insight of Biosimilar Development Industry and helps understand its outpacing growth and acceptability over original biologics in different regions. It helps reader/user to analyse the Biosimilar market by gaining knowledge on Regulations in different regions, supply-demand factors, revenue and cost drivers, challenges along with current approval of biosimilars by US-FDA and EU-EMA and analysis of porter five forces. The report gives extra emphasis on Korean Biosimilar Development Industry and help analyse its current market scenario, favourable market dynamics, challenges and key partnerships by local players. Additionally, a comparison of key players along with their product pipeline, operational and financial summary has been provided .

1. Introduction To Biosimilar   
     •Biologics Vs Biosimilars   
2. Global Biosimilars Market Overview   
3. Regulation Of Biosimilar Region Wise   
4. Porter’s – Five Forces Analysis   
     •Bargaining Power Of Suppliers   
     •Bargaining Power Of Buyers   
     •Barriers To Entry   
     •Threat Of Substitutes   
5. Supply And Demand   
6. Patents- Approvals, Expiry, Pipeline   
     •Biosimilar Approved In The Usa  
     •Biosimilar Approved In EU  
     •Major Biosimilar Players’ Pipeline Drugs  
7. Key Revenue And Cost Drivers  
     •Biologics Patent Expiration  
     •Lower Cost Increase Patient Access  
     •Increase In Rate Of Chronic Diseases   
     •Patient Awareness And Physicians Support  
     •Geographic Penetration  
     •Research And Development Cost  
     •Complex Manufacturing Process  
     •Regulatory Process  
     •Government Support 
8. Restraints And Challenges In Biosimilar Industry  
     •Substitution And Interchangeability  
     •Production Complexity  
     •Regulatory Process  
     •Brand Consciousness  
9. South Korean Biosimilar Market  
     •Current Market Scenario  
     •Favourable Market Dynamics  
     •Challenges For Biosimilar Development In Korea  
     •Agreement And Partnership For Development Of Biosimilars In Korea  
10. Key Players In Biosimilar Industry          
     •Samsung Bioepis  

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